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Is University of East London any good?

Here at the University of East London we pride ourselves in our world-class research, which makes us one of the top six modern universities for research in the country.

Is it difficult to get into University of East London?

For University of East London admissions, international students must meet the English proficiency requirements as well as the entry requirements. University of East London acceptance rate stands at 55%, which indicates that securing admission in this university is moderately competitive.

Why is University of East London famous?

The university is renowned for providing international students with excellent support services. UEL was ranked number one in the UK for its visa advice and language support (International Student Barometer). UEL is among London's leading universities for employability.

What GPA do you need to get into University of East London?

We normally ask for a Grade B average (or a GPA of 3.0) in your High School Diploma or GED. We also ask for ONE of the following: SAT One with a balanced score of 1600 (old SAT) or 1070 (new SAT) ACT with a composite score of 23.

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